Executive Coaching Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you for your coaching work with me these past few months. Before we started working on it I had no idea how my personal thoughts and assumptions were shaping my work environment and ultimately my success (and failures!). My awareness continues to accelerate with the methods you helped me develop… as well as my success in the business. Thank you again!”

– Van P., Senior Executive Learning and Development

“What I love about working with Tina, is that she asks questions that make me look deeper into issues than I would on my own. She creates an incredibly safe and supportive space. I leave having expanded my perspective and ready to take bold steps forward.”

– Deb B., Senior Human Resource Executive

“If you’re looking for someone to listen to you and listen to you objectively, Tina is the one. If you are looking for someone to ask you the tough questions, Tina is the one. If you are looking for honest and candid feedback, Tina is the one. If you don’t want to know the truth, improve yourself, then Tina is not the one.”

– Najat A., Technology Executive

 Leadership Development Workshops Testimonials

“Tina has been very instrumental in the management and leadership initiatives at Fidelity Investments. She helped to construct the design of our flagship leadership program. As a result of her expertise, 97% of participants report that the program has improved their effectiveness at work. Her coaching ability is unsurpassed. In very short periods of time, Tina is able to help our managers and leaders identify the root cause of issues and support them in finding approaches that produce results. In a word, Tina is a phenomenal organizational development practitioner.”

– Alesia L., Program Manager, Learning and Development

“Tina Luddy provides unique and thoughtful skills in management team interactions and in one-on-one coaching sessions. Tina prompts insightful discussions and productive dialogue that challenges managers and teams to be creative to lead effective organizational change. Tina’s energy is boundless and infectious!”

– Bill B., Director of Supply Management