Christina Luddy Leadership Consulting, our objective is to create productive partnerships with our clients and work toward the common goals of maximizing returns and sustaining success.

Whether working with individuals or groups, we begin any leadership project by assessing the core issues affecting our clients and understanding the goals they are looking to accomplish. In partnership, we then jointly determine the best approach for their unique needs.

Based on our agreed-upon diagnosis, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the program we choose is implemented through a framework that promises an optimal learning experience for all involved.

To insure that the learning experience is effectively translated into improved on-the-job performance, we follow-up our initial programs with outcome assessments and coaching. An integral component to the learning process, this follow-up embeds practices to support the application of on-the-job skills.

Finally, we offer our clients an evaluation process to measure the impact of their leadership development investments in terms of improvements in leadership performance and business results.