At Christina Luddy Leadership Consulting we support deep and lasting change through experiences that are as unique as you.

Our work is never “off the shelf” rather, it is custom-tailored to you and your needs. We work with best-of-breed leadership research and materials, and custom-tailor them to you to create experiences that are high-value, impactful, and sustainable.

We build on your strengths. We help you discover and develop the skillset and mindset that will take your leadership to the next level and accelerate progress within your organization.


One-on-One and Small Group Coaching

Achieve measurable change for yourself and your team through one-on-one and small group, leadership coaching sessions. These highly-personalized sessions are designed to offer honest, supportive, challenging interaction aimed at increasing personal awareness while enhancing personal effectiveness. The heart of this work focuses on applying leadership tools and strategies to your most pressing business challenges.


Cultivate leadership acumen on a group level through a hands-on workshop. Here are some examples:

Leading Real Change
Are you grappling with how to best manage the velocity and volume of change in your organization? Leading Real Change helps you understand the human dimension of change and how to lead your people through it more effectively.

Senior Team Retreat

Building a high functioning leadership team is one of the key factors driving performance, talent retention, and client impact for most organizations. In our customized retreats, we support you in realizing your desired end state as a team including: clarifying their vision, purpose, values, and aligning on operating agreements, priorities, and leadership behaviors.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

It is essential for client facing leaders to hone the requisite skillsets and mindsets to excel as trusted advisors. In this workshop, you learn how to serve clients on a broader and deeper level by building trust, supporting progress and creating greater impact.

Building a Leadership Culture

Our clients are passionate about sustaining the best qualities of their cultures, including “staying entrepreneurial, personal, and agile” while developing a new standard for leadership. This standard often includes words like “accountability, mentorship, empowerment, trust, and ownership.” The definition of these terms is unique and personal to each organization and culture. We partner with you to co-create learning experiences designed to foster your desired leadership culture.

To learn how you can take your leadership to the next level, contact us here.