Leadership. It is one of our most powerful human traits. It is visionary, influential, effective, transformative, authentic, courageous, and inspiring. It can change the course of lives and propel organizations toward bold initiatives. To the business executive, it can be the difference between professional success and failure.

But why does it seem elusive to some, while appearing to come so naturally to others?

The answer is not that leadership is a trait that one is either born with or without. The answer is that some have simply not yet learned to tap into the powerful leadership resource that lies dormant within them.

Activating leadership acumen begins with an exploration into the foundational beliefs that frame one’s perspective. It requires the development of self-awareness, both in terms of one’s aspirations and one’s impact on others. It involves a commitment to personal vision and the courage to take a stand for what’s right in the face of obstacles. In the end, it’s a learning process that yields the wisdom necessary to rapidly assess people and complex situations and to then take targeted, productive action that will ensure positive results.

Christina Luddy Leadership Consulting specializes in helping individuals activate their leadership acumen and exercise it effectively throughout their professional and personal communities. We believe that leadership is present within all individuals and that, through coaching and personal development, it can be cultivated into the edge business executives need to successfully navigate increasingly volatile and competitive markets.

The process we use for leadership cultivation is one we developed and tested in a leading financial services firm with a 97% success rate. It is one that goes beyond providing behavioral training panaceas and offers our clients real, personal, foundational insights from which they can build a repertoire of authentic leadership skills.